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Newbery suggests grief counselling:

Dear Prince Nwaeze,

I must apologise. I was not fully aware of the status you held. Please forgive any inadvertent lapse in protocol.

Nor, I must confess, was I aware that Miss Primm held the titles that you allude to. Certainly nothing in the records that I have at my disposal would suggest that she is anything other than an Australian citizen. This does not mean that she is not a very special person to you.

The article I forwarded you should have answered most of your questions about what happened. I am not privy to the police reports; my duty lies with tidying up the deceased's financial affairs. I only know what I have read in the papers.

You want a picture of her corpse? That is a bit ghoulish, Sir! I will see what I can do but the body is presently in the care of the Coroner. Any violent death such as this one requires a coronial inquest and an autopsy. Once this is completed the body will be released for burial. At this point I may be able to get the photo you require. But I cannot promise anything. As most services are closed down for Christmas, this is likely to be in the early New Year.

In the meantime your Excellency, I suggest you put thoughts of suicide from your mind. Grief counselling would perhaps be wise.

Yours most sincerely,

J. Cosmo Newbery,
Newbery & Associates.

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