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Prince Kenneth wants a picture of the corpse:

Dear Mr Newbery
Please, i don't understand what you are talking concerning Chief princess felicity.The(Mayoress of Lagos in Nigeria),The giant of Africa.That lady felicity primm has a title of chieftancy and mayoress,that awiate her here in nigeria or haven't she told you before?.Please do you really mean that she is dead?, what happened, that cause her death?. before i answer your questions, please kindly picture her corpse and send it to me,so that i will summon the federal government of Australia to give her a befitted burial ceremony on my behalf.I am a prince,here in nigeria.
That lady felicity is my fiance, she is my life and all i have and i really love her with all my heart, in fact,i love her unconditionally.Why must she die and leave me in silence, please send the picture of her corpse to me as i said earlier-on, please, do that before this week runs out or else i commit suicide.


Prince K.V.K Nwaeze.

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