Menu to this story | Nigerian Menu | Main menu---------------------------Previous | Next apologies to those who feel too many of my characters go to needless and messy deaths but Felicity needed to go and go completely.

To have her marry someone, develop some illness or whatever, would be asking for Kenneth to lob on the doorstep with a bunch of roses. Not a prospect I relish. No, she had to go and have no prospect of return. J. Cosmo Newbery passes on the sad news.

Vale Felicity Primm.

Dear Mr Nwaeze,

My name is Cosmo Newbery. I am the executor of the estate of the late Miss Felicity Primm.

From my initial assessment of Miss Primm's affairs I am unclear as to whether you are a business associate, a client or just a friend of the deceased. For your information I have attached an article relating to the lady's unfortunate demise. There will, of course, be a Coroner's inquest into the events surrounding her death.

Could you please advise me of your standing with the deceased. Are there any issues that will require my attention in the winding up of her affairs?

Thank you for your assistance,

J. Cosmo Newbery,
Newbery & Associates.

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