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Kenneth strings a couple of paragraphs together! A romance is in the air, or is it just the smell of the yam festival?

Dear Felicity,

I have heard all what you said and i have receive your picture, you are a very beautiful lady. I feel with joy to meet such a wonderful and delectable lady like you.
Listen, i have been praying to meet such a wise and understanding lady like you, you are "God's sent" to me. I no messing about sort of person. To be frankly speaking, i will tell you a little about myself, i am the first born of my mother, i could have married last year before my father died because i am his eldest son, but his death set me back with my plans and also frustrated his own plans for me to get married. Since I've found you, i will start to think of marriage again. By the time you become mine i will bring you to my hometown. I will take you to our masquerade ceremony and cultural dance and you will eat our traditional dishes and plat our traditional hear style, even i will take you to our new yam festival and many more festivals.
I promise that i will give you all the love you need and i will love you the last. If this dream ever become true. About the question you asked concerning the things i like to do, i like going out for leisure, i like playing lawn tennis and i like slow jamz music. I will send you my picture before the week runs out.

With love.

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