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Kenneth is getting just a little patronising and mocking, so he has probably twigged to the counter scam.

dear Felicity,

Sweetheart, my day are spoiled for the hearing of the sudden death of (Freddie). please, darling don't cry too much please. For I know how you feel.

Oh! it's a pity that I can't see Freddie whom i am thinking of seeing and playing with because I love playing so much. And princess how dare you ask me to travel for the wedding, I will cancel that travel because there is no need for me traveling for pleasure when I lost my little inlaw Freddie and you my fiance are in great tears and sorrow or have you seen a (person whom his house is burning and he is pursuing rat?}. Please accept my sympathy and please buy a flower in my name and keep it on top of his grave.

May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
Amen, Amen and Amen

take heart my sweetheart.
A tribue from

EPrince KVK

And then:

Dear Felicity,

How are you darling? Are you still crying? Please sweethearts donāt cry too much, so that it will not cause you sickness. There is no amount of cry that can raise (sweet Freddie) from dead.

Let us bear the lost! God will provide another Child. Do you hear me? And how far has you family member gone for the (funeral ceremony) or has Freddie been buried?

I am mourning for Freddie here in Nigeria, thatās the reason why I cancel my travel plan to France and you my sweetheart I feel for you so much. Please letās bear the lost and please drop your phone number for me.

Lotās of comfort.


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