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Felicity passes on the sad news that Freddie has passed on and expresses the opinion that Kenneth should go to France...

The promised money hasn't turned up to date. Bastard!

Dear Kenneth,

Freddie died this morning. The poor little mite had an attack of the nurglas last night and never recovered. As you can imagine things are very sombre here today.

But our grief should not impact on you, dear Kenneth.

Why are you not going to your friend's wedding? You should go. That is what friends do. My Gran wrote in my autograph book 'Make new friends but keep the old; one's silver the other's gold'. My feelings for you or your feelings for me shouldn't stop you going to your friends wedding. When you look back in ten, twenty years time will you be saying 'I wish I had gone to the wedding'? I think so. Go, Kenneth. I'll still be here when you get back. Have a crepe for me.

Take care, my Prince,


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