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And then calls it off...

Dear Felicity,

How are you my Princess? And Freddie my friend? Darling, I will disarrange my plans of traveling to France. Rather I will send my condolence to the couples.

I don't know if the bridegroom would be angry with me? please advice me on what to do concerning that!

I am disarranging the travel, all because of how I feel for you. i don't know how you will feel if I make this travel.

I don't want to leave you in (silent). I am forever yours.

concering what you ask me? Honey! it will not annoy me it you coem to Nigeria but before you come, i have to make rooms for you. Don't you agree? I am serious about that. I want to leave the house I am living in now for my junior brother and buy new house for me and you alone. don't you agree?

Really our relationship has reached a point where we need to make decision as you said. On what will our decision base on?

meeting face to face has to happen soon. i agree with you. How are you preparing for the xmas sweetheart/ Extend my greetings to Freddie and my inlaws to be.

Still your love unlimited love.

Prince KVK

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