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Felicity offered to go to Nigeria and Kenneth goes to Paris!

Dear Princes Felicity,

The ( Mayoress of Lagos) you have done nothing wrong, and I am not angry with you. Its just that I am too busy because of the project I have in hand which must be accomplish, (I hope it is not some poor sucker saying 'adieu' to his/her money!) before any important step are make.

Besides I am traveling to Paris in France to attend a wedding ceremony of my friend who lived in Paris. He invited me and adjures me to come. Even he paid for my flight from Nigeria international airport to Paris. Immediately I drop at the airport in Paris, I will enter the airport taxi to Sheraton Hotels and tower. Which has a branch here in Lagos and Abuja all in Nigeria. (Your point being...?)

I will lodge in Sheraton Hotels and tower Paris, before I get to my destination.

I will be back in the next one week and above, until then.

Remain bless.

Lotāst of love

Prince KVK

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