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Kenneth is becoming more distant. Is it because I wouldn't send him money? Is it because I wouldn't send him fairly used cars? Is it because I wouldn't buy him a duplex? Who knows!

Dear felicity,

How has your weekend gone? I said donāt do me what I wouldnāt do to you and you said that you are confused and that you didnāt understand what I meant. Well, I am not unfaithful to you that is what I meant.

Are you a virtuous woman as I called you?

Food? I eat many different type of food. In Nigeria we eat all sorts of English food, itās uncountable.

Every thing for living is available here in Nigeria, just like in Europe. Although sometimes we do like to change environment as I am planning to do by next year. Lamb? I do eat lamb, ram, cow or beef, goat, fishes etc. Are you satisfied with your questions?

Have a nice day.
Prince Kvk

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