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Felicity has a few theories on social intercourse.

My Dear Kenneth,

Mayoress of Lagos! That means you plan to be Kenneth, Prince KVK, Mayor of Lagos! I didn't realize you had such noble ambitions. I am impressed.

I am a little confused about what has 'provoked' you and what you are referring to when you say 'I don't want you to do me what I wouldn't to do you'. What did you mean here?

Last night I had four friends around for dinner (My wife and three sons. Hey, they're friends!) and used the 'Tsire' powder I told you about to make kebabs (I used lamb, do you eat lamb in Nigeria?). I also had some couscous and spicy vegetable casserole (more Tunisian, I think) and followed it up with an orange and almond cake (also Tunisian, possibly just Arabic). Everyone said it was a very nice meal.

I look forward to cooking for you Kenneth; although I hope the meal ends up with more than just lots of kisses. They have their place of course. I suppose we could have sex before the meal instead of after and then it might end with lots of kisses. But I look at the meal as part of the foreplay. It makes the man be a bit polite, use a knife and fork properly, be a bit more civilized for a little while and actually heightens his anticipation. Sharpens his appetite, you might say. You could also say that there is an entree at both ends of the meal! A lot of men only sit through the meal because they are hoping for such a last course; if they had their needs dealt with before the meal they would take their plate off and sit in front of the TV watching football and then fall asleep. Pigs to that!

Are you adventurous Kenneth? I mean with your food, do you just eat Nigerian food (don't get me wrong, yams have their place) or do you try other foods? If I made you a Thai curry would you eat it? I guess what I am asking is are you willing to try different things. It seems you must be; you certainly seem willing to try women who are not Nigerian! (It's alright dear Kenneth, I'm smiling!).

The more I look at it the more I think I am going to be an education for you: in food , in sex, what else I wonder?

Much love Kenneth dear,

I hope you have a fabulous weekend,

Mayoress Felicity.

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