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Kenneth continues to show amazing economy of words. And thoughts.

Dear Felicity,

I've heard what you said.
I will like to marry you if you can give me the chance. you can send me some money, visa and your address. I will come so that we discuss face to face etc.


Well, these mixed marriages often end in tears...

Dear Kenneth,

You are a 'no messing about' sort of person, aren't you?

Now, I am flattered that you would consider marriage after such a lightning courtship but we hardly know each other.

Have you ever been fishing Kenneth? I used to go with my Dad.

Do you understand the subtle nuances associated with reeling in a 20lb fish on a 10lb line? You reel it in, then let it run out , reel it in again, let it run again, always aware of the limitations of your line to hold the fish if it were to truly test it but, if played well, the fish almost gratefully surrenders, exhausted and beaten.

This is the tastiest fish.

It is a bit like that with women too, Kenneth. (And Nigerians.)

Sure, the guys that come into our brothel are 'wham bam' sort of guys but on a business level we want that. Get them in, get their money, get them out. It is a business. Once they have done their load they want to move on anyway.

But I don't want that in my personal man.

I want a man who will take me to nice restaurants, send me flowers, write lovely things to me, hold me and caress me. The man who just walk up to me and says "Gidday, What about it?" has no attraction to me.

Do you know the meaning of foreplay?

Life is foreplay, Kenneth. At the end of it, you're fucked.

Don't be in such a rush. Maybe we could find out a little more about each other. What sorts of things do you like to do? What music do you like?

I will attach a photo with this email. Could you send me one of you?

Best Wishes,


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