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Before Felicity can figure out what to say or do to delay the tears of duplex duplicity an unexpected saviour comes in the form of the following email:

hi i got your address on icq (Lies! I'm not on ICQ) i will like to know you more if ypu do not mind. my name is chrales i am from nigeria. please contact me are get to me on msn message so we can chart pleaes.


Worried, poor Felicity writes to Kenneth for advice:

My Dear Kenneth,

Something really spooky happened. I got this email today: (see above)

His email address was "charlesbiya biya"

Do you know this character? Why is he writing to me? How did he find me?

Is he safe? He can't even spell his own name, so brain power is not a strong suit.

Please tell me what is going on. I'm scared.

I wish you could hug me,


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