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Kenneth presses the question on assistance for the duplex...

Dear Felicity,

Hello, Chief princess Felicity (the mayoress of Lagos) how are you my loved one? I hope you have received the number of the mail I posted to you yesterday. Thank you for the photo you sent to me, I loved that! How I long to hold you and the most of all you look very 'pretty' just like the (miss world 2001) who came from Nigeria. (And left, too, Kenneth!)

Virgin ? Well, truthful speaking I am not a virgin!! But I have scared away all the girls that are roaming around me, since I found you, to be frankly speaking. I want to concentrate on you alone, so that I will enjoy being in love with you. Because it is not good for a reasonable person to have two lovers at the same time. He or she canāt be able to concentrate in one person or even enjoy being in love. Do you agree?

Blow job? Well, I have never done that with any girl before, although I have strength in love making without taking any drugs. (God Kenneth, you're 22, you shouldn't need any help!) But I know that the blow job must be a very arousing experience.

Duplex? Well, not that I am planning for a lot of children or to move in with my relatives! Not as you thought felicity.

In Nigeria most duplex are built in Italian styles it has rooms like guest rooms, kitchen, dinning room, bathrooms, waiting room for the guests as a chief he will have a little banquet hall in his compound for any emergency party with other chiefās and some royal Highness. So darling how much are you sending to support me in buying the duplex? (Not a lot, dear Kenneth, not a lot at all.) As I said earlier that I have a set back in my business., I want to buy the house as soon as possible, so that whenever you come to Nigeria you live in a comfortable home that qualify our being a chief.

Lots of love

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