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Felicity ducks the money question. And asks a few of her own.

Dear Kenneth, Chief Kanayo!

Every day I check the will certainly be getting closer...the suspense is awful.

Anticipation can be good but there comes a point when it must be realised, don't you agree? Certainly as a prostitute I understand the value of delayed gratification! About $50, on average.

But it will get here, I am sure. Possibly it has come by surface mail. That means it will be just in time for Easter. But what an Easter!

And yes, the real thing is so much better than the copy. I will prove that to you in bed one day!

Freddie is home now, resting. He is a darling little boy. You will love him the moment you see him. Everyone does.

It is a pity nothing at the restaurant is like your food. I was hoping it was. We are going there in 10 days.

I am amazed at the size of your homes. Twelve bedrooms??? Do you plan a lot of children or would your parents move in with you? (A trick question: his parents were killed in the World Trade Centre.) It would be like a small village! The price is dearer than I expected. For the prices you quoted you would get a four bedroom house here.

Thank you for the photo. Is it very recent? You look very suave, though I admit that I sill prefer the first photo. I will attach another photo of me to this email. I have had my hair permed. Do you like it?

You didn't say anything about the blow job!! Did I shock you?

Tell me the truth Kenneth: are you a virgin?

They can cure that now, you know!

Yours most wickedly (wickedly nice, that is!),


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