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A longish letter, a hint that house funding might be appreciated and no mention of a blowjob.

He sends a new photo. It may just be me but it seems careless to send me a photo with a car number plate on view. Any Nigerian police reading my letters out there?

Dear felicity

How are you my sister, my bride? Please I am sorry for my delay in communicating with you and also my delay to reply your letter. It was due to some circumstances beyond my control. I will explain it to you before I stop this letter. Did you said that the mail have not get to your reach yet? Please Sweetheart, itās not my fault nor the Nigerian postal agency, because immediately I received your email I rush straight to the postal agency again and lay your complain to them, they said that the mail is no longer in Nigeria, that the mail left Nigeria that very day I posted the mail, in process they explained to me how a mail move from one country to the other before it finally get to where it was sent to. But never delay, I will send another in a couple of days, that will be more express tan the first, but before I send it, I will go to the express mail delivery where I will send it and collect a code number for the mail and email it to you. Within six working days that I ! posted it, it the mail havenāt get to your reach, then you will take the code number to (Australian Postal Agency) with that code number they will trace where the mail is and get it, because that code number is on the mail. But before I do that I will send the code number to you. But please, still keep patient on the very first one I have already send. It must get to your reach!!!!!!!!! Itās because of all this delay that makes me to email that N500 note, but you misunderstood me and thought I canāt be able to send to you real banknote which is a little thing I can do in a twinkle of eyes.

Well it is good to have real things as you said and you will have it. The real me is yours likewise you. One blessed day we will meet ourselves in real, live together eat, drink, make love, sleep and enjoy together. (The mere thought of it sends little shivers of anticipation up and down my spine...)

Please, kindly extend my greetings to my little friend Freddie. Tell him that we shat meet each other one blessed day. Thank you for the menu from the restaurant you send to me. I will love to taste those dishes, they are different from ours.

Your asked me about 'KANAYO' my other name. well Kanayo means (look toward God in everything). Sweetheart our new duplex is giving me a problem. (Uh oh...) In fact that was the reason I am delayed in communicating with you since all this days. It gives me a sleepless night. (I have them too...) Iāve been extra busy working harder to raise money for the duplex. There was three duplex I priced here in Lagos. The first one has eight bedroom and two sitting room e.t.c. the second one has more than twelve bedroom e.t.c and the third one is more bigger than other ones. First duplex price in Australian dollar is 420,000. second duplex is 470,000 and the third is 520,000 which one do you chose? I have raised 130,000 dollar but the money still remain darling , it is not easy for me to be frankly speaking. Has is been that my business is as it was before I have a set back oh! That is a small thing to me. Well I will keep on trying to raise the money, but sweetheart why id you asked me how much is ! the cost of a duplex? Do you want to assist me? Oh!! My Princess if you donāt money to assisted me there is no problem. Perhaps one day I may complete the money and buy the duplex for us. There was picture I carelessly snap last two years ago in my residence when I am about to go out for a birthday party and a friend of mine who visited me carelessly snapped that picture. I attached the picture with this letter you can check for that.

Sweetheart, I am of to bed because I will wake up early to work more harder because of the project I have in hand, I mean the duplex.

Lots of romance,


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