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And Felicity give another folksy reply but puts in an understated bit about a blow job. I mention a menu in the letter but haven't bothered to put it on the site. It is a real menu.

Dear Kenneth,

How are you, my darling? How has your week been? What have you been doing?

I have had a very busy week. Tomorrow is the state election and the Young Liberals have been in town. I have been absolutely run off my back.

I have been checking the mail everyday but no sign of the letter yet. The good news is that little Freddie is back home after a stint in intensive care. I can't wait to show him your gift. But I must admit that I do not expect the mail to be very fast between Nigeria and here. But it will arrive.

I am sorry about Malawi. I did not mean to offend you. I just thought that it might be similar. I was forgetting how big Africa is.

I do look forward to learning more about your cooking. Food has always fascinated me. It is like edible art, don't you think? I have attached the menu from the restaurant we are going to in a few weeks.

The duplex sounds lovely. Where would you want it? Lagos? How much would a duplex cost? How many rooms would a normal one have?

I do like your names. They are all good strong names. Names that reflect a degree of authority and self-confidence. What does 'Kanayo' mean? I bet it means something like 'strong', or 'handsome' or 'leader' or something like that.

You asked me what a blow job was. Do you really not know? Perhaps it is called something else in Nigeria. Most men seem very keen on it, whatever they call it. I am not sure how to tell you about it without you thinking me very wicked for mentioning it at all. But here goes: Bluntly put, it is where a woman sucks a man's penis. That sounds very clinical, doesn't it? The reality is that a skilful woman can drive a man to near distraction before relieving him of his inner stresses. Men are quite simple creatures, nowhere near as complex as a woman, and are quite helpless when in the hands of a knowledgeable woman. Not wanting to boast, but I know more than most.

You will learn that for yourself, I am sure.

Good night Dear Kenneth, sweet dreams!

Lots of hugs,


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