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Another newsy letter from Kenneth! Where is this going?

Dear Felicity,

Thank you chief Princess Felicity. I thank you too.

Menu? Well, I will like to see it, and tell me more about it.

Malawi? The country Malawi is far from Nigeria and their culture is also far differ from ours.

Nigerian culture is a bit nearer to that of British because they conolize Nigeria before they got their independent. As you said, unless you go into the bush you will not see a kangaroo!

Africa dishes? All Africa dishes are not the same. But I know that ours, are very delicious and goody. Sometimes later you will learn how to prepare our Nigerian dishes.

Our Nigerian moves? I know that you knew nothing about it. The movies are just like other American movies you do watch. You will watch our movies when I send some of the VCD to you. We have millions of movies, act and recorded here in Nigeria and if Iām coming to Australia I will bring many of the VCD.

It seems that you are just imagining Nigeria; do you understand the world (GIANTS) of Africa and the meaning? Well the Nigeria movies will be a little teacher to you about how great and superior this country was in Africa.

Australia? I will love to be in Australia by next year 2003, but before I come to Australia, I will like to buy a new duplex well furnished for us and our kids so that whenever we come to Nigeria, we live there until we return to Australia.

Even with time, I will build a palace after our chieftaincy title, do you like my ideas?

Lots of romance.

P.S. Iāve not tell you all my names and you need to know that I have three names. My Dad gave me the name 'Kenneth' and my Mummy give me the name 'Victor' and one cultural name 'Kanayo' before my surname. Do you like my names?

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