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And Felicity give folksy reply. Tonight's not a good night but I think I need to kick this along a bit. Perhaps I should explain a bit about the blow job to see if I can liven the boy up a bit. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Oh, the bit about the African restaurant is true.

Dear Kenneth,

Thank you so much for your letter. I agree. Knowing how the post works I do not expect your letter before the middle of this week. It takes so much longer than email but it is so much more special for the wait, don't you think? I will tell you as soon as it arrives.

I recently heard a CD of music from Malawi. Is that near Nigeria? It was filled with lots of rhythm and the most beautiful male harmonies.

Nigerian movies!?!? I feel so ignorant! I knew nothing of them. What sort of things are they about?

Australia? Where do I start? It is big. Not many people though, as mostly they huddle along the coastline. There are lots of nationalities here that make for an interesting mix of cultures. It is a very casual sort of place. And I must say that unless you go into the bush you will not see a kangaroo! We speak English (obviously), food could be anything from anywhere (but there is little food originating from Australia - the plants are all too sappy), like you we drive on the left, the main sports are cricket, football (various sorts) and tennis.

What have I left out?

Oh, I must tell you this!! Some friends and I are going to an African restaurant in a few weeks. A good friend of mine is raising money to help a Zimbabwean boy go through college here. Would you like to see the menu?

Must run,

Lots of hugs,


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