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Still friendly stuff. has he forgotten his father's millions? Has he forgotten a trade in fairly used cars?

Dear Felicity,

How are you my princess?hOPe fine.I furiously went to the post office to ask them why did the mail i sent to my sweetheart has not got to her reach, they begin to plead with me,saying that the mail will come to reach by Wednesday being 27th. Please sweetheart my mind is not at rest, not untill you receive that mail,to be frankly speaking.

Please hold your patience with me.when you receive that mail, it will give me the courage to send another. honey! have you listened to a music from our neigbouring country cameroun in Africa?And our Nigerian movies.It is a very hot interesting music.Just receive the mail i sent to you first,it will give me the courage to send anything i want to you my sister, my bride.

Sweetheart please can you tell me about Australia?

Lot's of love


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