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Mmm...a newsy and quite Nigeria-proud letter from Kenneth.
While this is commendable, I hope he is not getting too attached to me!
There will be tears...

Dear Felicity.
You asked me a question about Nigeria, to tell you more about my country Okay I will tell you, in Nigeria we have three season autumn, spring & summertime in January we start with the season of autumn it last from January to February minimised and stopped in march . Then spring time starts from April to July minimised and stopped in august. Then summer time starts from September to November. There is nothing like winter in Nigeria.

Concerning other things about my country, Nigeria is the largest country in the whole of Africa. Thatās why other African countries called us (GIANTāS OF AFRICA) because in merchandise we are the best, well civilised. We are the 3rd crude oil producer in the whole world to prove that you can ask other people. We sell millions of crude oil barrel everyday, but I canāt remember how much a barrel are cost now in us dollar. With the crude oil we are well known in the whole world. At the back of that five hundred naira banknote I emailed to you, it was a picture drawn one of the crude oil drilling company. On top of the Atlantic ocean in Nigeria. We have more than 25 crude oil drilling companies all over Nigeria .we have other mineral resources, like gold, zinc, limestone, coal, etc we have very fertile land.
We are good in sports, sometime ago we won the junior world cupä that was held in Atlanta Giorgio USA in 1996 and many gold medals in every game we participate till now. We have hundreds of modern markets and the largest market in the whole Africa. You can inquire! There are thousands of companies white men from different countries built all over the country and Nigeria citizens have millions of companies all over the country. Even we build houses and companies in America, Europe, and other continents. Could you imagine how industrious Nigeria are. If I start to write the companies it will occupy up to three pages. I cantā be able to analyse Every thing about my country , sweetheart am tired I just returned from outing. I want to have some rest.

With love

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