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Well, I may be in with a chance here. I believe the all time world record for getting money out of Nigerians is US$3, held by someone in the Philippines I'm happy to have a crack at second place.

Dear Felicity,

How do you do? I hope I've not offended you immensely? But I have to explain myself.

Now listen Honey! I know how you feel that makes you to think that I didn't want any thing real, please forgive me. If I didn't want anything real as you said, I wouldn't have been wasting my time on you since all these days. Please forgive me, I wanted to post the banknote real through your house address, but I am thinking that it will take time before the money come to your reach, but if that will make you to think that I am not 'Realistic' I will post the banknote today through your house address attached with your name 'Felicity Primm'. Please forgive me. If I am not realistic for you, then whom else?

Best of friends,


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