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Mmmm....I'm no happy, Kenny. Kenneth, tighter than a fish's arse, sends a picture of a Nigerian bank note.

(For the Americans: arse = ass, in Australia.)

Dear Felicity,

How are you my heartthrob, my dove, my perfect one, the darling of her mother and flawless to her that bore her? Behold you are all desirable to me, you delectable maiden. Your lips distil nectar, my bride; honey and milk are under your tongue. I fantasize how sweet your love will be, even sweeter than the French most favorite wine. You have ravished my heart, my sister, by bride. How I'm longing that you have become mine, if I met you outside, I would kiss you and none would despise me and bring you into our chamber and there I would give you all my love as the red rose give forth fragrance. . (...oh..really...)

Ok, sweetheart, I will email the bank note through my alternative email address. . (Bastard.)

Concerning the car issue, what you will do is this, check and know the type of cars that are sold fairly used in Australia, name the car one after the other and the price each of them stand for and check the shipping price, calculate all the price for each car and the shipping in US dollar, then let me know. I will then check the price, of that very type of car that is sold. Then I will email you back before any exportations is made.

Concerning how many cars I am thinking about. Decide that by your self. You will know the best.

Best of Friends,

Dear Felicity,

I hope you would be able to see how our currency look like. I hope you'll like it and i hope your nephew would also like it and would make him happy and also you my darling.

Yours faithfully,

Front of bank note | Back of bank note

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