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Mmmm...Kenneth is all business.

Some lover-boy! I'm not happy, Kenneth!

Dear Felicity,

I have heard all you said, to start with concerning the title I mentioned of, I want to do that just only to honour you among other women and some white ladies that are married to various countries in Africa. So that if I was recommended as Chief Mr., then you will be recommended as Chief Mrs., everybody is not a chief in Africa, it is only prominent men like to hold the title. Before somebody will be a chief, he will spend money on it, Celebrate it and government will give him go-ahead. My father was a chief but darling, if you don't like the title then lets forget about it. I hope you understand the meaning of the word 'wise'. Being a wise person doesn't mean that the person is equal to Almighty God. Have you read the story of the three wise men in the Bible and the story of the wise King Solomon and others in the Holy Bible? There is no sin at the mentioning of 'wise' I guess.

Now concerning other issues, there is no type of car you cannot see in Nigeria. You can see so many products like:
Chevrolet Products:
Jaguar Lamborghini Mazda
Dodge Mercedes Mitsubishi
Lincoln Porch Nissan
Toyota Lexus Ferrari Ply month
Honda Cadillac Mercury
Range Rover Oldsmobile Pontiac
Alfa Romeo Rolls Royce BMW etc

The model should be as from 1995 to 2002 model. In Nigeria we drive left hand side of the road. This is the most car average men drive in Nigeria.

1. Mercedes: SLK, CLK, Alvangard E Class, S class, M class, C class and padded V Boot Mercedes Benzes.
2. Honda: Accord, Civic, Legend, Prelude etc.
3. Lincoln: Navigator Jeep etc.
4. Toyota: Camry, Land cruiser, Prado, Rav4, Four runners etc.
5. Jaguar: S type, X type etc.
6. BMW: 3series, 5 series, 7 series, BMW Jeep etc.
7. Lexus: LS 400 ETC.
8. Nissan: Maxima, Infinity etc.
9. Range Rover:
10. Chevrolet: Lumina, Cavalier, Ram, Jimmy, Blazer etc.
11. Ford: Expedition etc.

All these products are quick sale in Nigeria.
For example the cost of fairly used Mercedes in Nigeria such as Mercedes SLK is at the cost of N4 Million equivalent to US$25,000. Mercedes CLK the same price

Alvangard E class is at the cost of N3 Million equivalent to US$20,000. Mercedes S class the same price.

To make it short. After exporting the cars you will tell me the amount you bought the cars and the amount you spent on the shipping, then I will know how much I will sell the cars. You will write the type of fairly used car and the price it stands for. Then the money you spent on the shipping, so that I will know how much I will sell it, but I assure you that each car you send, you will make twice gain of the money you bought it and the money you spent on the shipping.

NOTE: US dollar value is equivalent to N150 value of Nigerian money. I don't know about the equivalent money of Australia to US dollar.

Concerning the money you sent me to send to you. I went to the bank this afternoon because I want to send Nigerian note of N50, N100, N200, and N500 as a sample as you requested, but the bank said that if I want to send money to Australia, it will be as from N100, 000 upward. But don't worry, by the time I sell those cars, if you send them, I will send the money to you because it will runs to hundreds of thousands and millions of Nigerian money. You will receive the cash in Nigerian note and change it to Australian money if you like.

Concerning the wears I mentioned, I am average in height. I like corporate wears. Choose colours for me but not too shouty colours. I like shoes of many colours and belts to go with it.

Yours faithfully,

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