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Well, just when you think you know what the Nigerian scammers will do, they pull a surprise move. Well, I certainly didn't expect it.

An aside: Is it just me or has Kenneth forgotten about his father's fortune?

Dear Felicity,

How are you my Princess, hope fine.

Sweetheart, you said that I am thoughtful, thank you, but you are thoughtful as well. Although you are a woman, but thoughtful like a wise man (Hey!) , I love you. I will like to give you a title when you come when you come to Africa I will you Chieftaincy title when we finally get married. Do you like that?

How I desire to hug you, cares you, kiss you and make love with you without season. (Oooo, calm my beating heart...) There was a lawn tennis tournament which took place here in FHA Lawn Tennis Club in which I registered. Can you imagine that I took the 3rd position in the contest? (Bravo, old chap!) Is there any lawn tennis club close to your residence maybe I will register at the clubby the time I come over there. (A bit sudden in your change from passionate love to a tennis game, I feel.)

Now concerning the question you ask me about a market were fairly used cars are sold. In the state were I live, there are about 20 large market were fairly used cars are sold, but there are largest one I know, probable it is the largest in West African the name is ( BERGER AUTO DEALER) Apapa Lagos. As you mentioned about exporting fairly used car before you export the cars as you said go to the seaport and inquire from them how you will export cars, the will narrate everything for you. (Now, hang about! All I said was that I liked the idea of 'fairly' used cars. I never meant that I wanted to become a licensed dealer!)

This is the name of the seaport here in my country (NIGERIA PORTS AUTHOURITY) APAPA WHART, LAGOS STATE. (WHART? Wharf, perhaps)

This is my house address:

400 Road, E close
Festac Extention,
Lagos- Nigeria.

If you finally succeed in exporting those cars, please let me know, so that I will alert to know when it arrive and the clearance of the goods. And darling send your address to me and tell me how you want me to send the money for the cars back to you. (Uh huh.)

Please, can you do me a favor? Yes of course, I guess. I want you to buy some clothes for me such as suits shirts straight cut jeans, shows etc.
Waist size 32
Shirt size 43
Shoe size 42 or 9 oe.

Please, if you make up your mind to buy them for me. Export them together with those cars. And make sure that all the goods is in container for security purpose. Immediately you export the goods, please give me a vital message how you export the goods so that I'll know how to clear them when it arrive.

Yours faithfully (Yours faithfully? You romantic!)


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