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A long wait and a brief message from Kenneth.

The email header read: you are in my heart always.

My dearest Felicity, how are you my sister, my bride, hope fine. I write this short letter just for you to know that i've not lost my interest in you as had thought. please extend my greetings to your parents brother and relatives.

your's faithfully,

Felicity replies:

Dear Kenneth,

You are so sweet. Thank you for your lovely and loving thoughts. You cannot imagine what feelings course through my body when I receive them.

How have you been? Well, I hope. Obviously quite busy, too.

Things have been quite hectic here, too. The navy is in port and there's seamen everywhere. Obviously this is good for business but it does leave me exhausted by the end of the day. Or night, rather.

In between times I am trying to do a Masters Degree at Melbourne University. Did I tell you this? It is on 'The missionary position as a way of self-expression in a Keynesian marketplace'. Fairly heavy going, I am still coming to grips with the ins and outs of aggressive commerce.

I was fascinated with the concept of transporting 'fairly used cars' from Europe to Africa. Is there a big market for that? All my cars have been fairly used, verging on the unfairly used, end up completely knackered.

What are you planning for the weekend?

Warm wishes,


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