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And there he is! I will wait a couple of days before I answer him. (Aren't I rotten!) Well, I had to hide in the country for a while to get away from all that media attention after I won the lottery, you see...

Newsy sort of letter. Note that it is dated. None of his others has done this and, cynic that I am, I reckon it was post dated.


Dear felicity,

Concerning the question you asked me about the new yam festival, it always held in every September.

Now listen, sweetheart I have had what you said, fear not for I have loved you with all my heart, fear not for I have already fallen in love with you.

I know you understand the power of love and that love count no error. All my point is that I am not going to disappoint you. With you picture I am convinced that you are all desirable to me. Besides the way you open up your heart for me 'Oh sweetheart you have overwhelmed my love' I have already created your image in my heart, how do I wipe it out? Although you are a prostitute as you said due to some circumstances. I believe that by the time we live together it will all be a past story isn't it? I know by now we are about to face reality, you will be thinking of quiting your business of being a prostitute. Don't worry, with money by the time we come together I know many business we can do that can fetch us a lot of money, even millions of dollars.

Believe me, especially inportantion business. There are some certain things in your country and some other countries in Europe which seems common but valuable here in Africa, Asia and other part of the world. By the time we start the business, before you know it we have made our money and establish.

Until then I will analysis the whole secret of the business for you.

To face reality.

I want you to tell me what and what should I do, the process I should go before we finally get married. Whether I should come and see your parents, or should I wait for some time? Analysis everything for me. But the problem is that I don't have the visa for your country, maybe you will get one for me and other documents that is required. I mentioned in the second letter I wrote to you concerning the set back I have due to my father's death. To be frankly speaking, I have never recovered. I will narrate the story to you before I stop this letter, because I can't hide anything from you and I believe that you are part of me.

My late father and Tony by name was a bridge contractor, he construct bridge,. He has build many bridges. My late mother Anne by name was a member of the cabinet governors office government house in our state, now this is the story of how I was set back.

After my father's death, I decided to go into importation business which impel me in selling our valuable properties. I sold my daddy's five expensive cars. I sold my Lincoln navigator jeep and Mecedez S class. I sold everything and I collected the money and send it to the company in japan, then they export the goods about four 20fit container loaded with electronics of all kinds. I stored them in a warehouse and I am making plan of how to sell them off. One night there was a heavy rain fall which lasted for two days, the flood entered the warehouse and damage all the goods, when I heard the story, I fainted because that was my last hope, but all hope is not lost.

So darling that is what I have went through that set me back. If I have some money, by the time we settle down I will be exporting fairly used cars from Europe to Africa. I will connect the people that will buy it and send the money back to us and other business that my dad thought me, with that we make millions of dollars, I will teach you many businesses later.

Do you know that people export common apple which is sold 6 apples for one dollar and many other business.



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