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Where Felicity Primm, prostitute, corresponds with young Kenneth, (View photo) a rather wet behind the ears Nigerian. He is probably damp in other regions too.

Finished. Last addition: January 17th., 2003.

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  1. I am not fully matured.
  2. I do things that their wives don't want to do.
  3. It is a bit like that with women too, Kenneth.
  4. I will take you to our new yam festival.
  5. I am so looking forward to seeing your picture.
  6. They are all delicious soups with sweet tastes and aroma.
  7. They made their name in mud-wrestling.
  8. My life took a turn for the chaotic on the weekend.
  9. I have already fallen in love with you.
  10. Please honey i am very sorry.
  11. Her face it bloomed like a sweet flower.
  12. Thank you so much for the delightful poem.
  13. How are you my sister, my bride, hope fine.
  14. ...and make love with you without season.
  15. I could hold your balls.
  16. Choose colours for me but not too shouty colours.
  17. Have you ever had a blow job?
  18. You have ravished my heart, my sister, by bride.
  19. Not many men have that knack, Kenneth.
  20. If I am not realistic for you, then whom else?
  21. You are a real sweetie.
  22. I have mailed the banknote yesterday.
  24. I'm all over the place like a wet spaniel!
  25. Okay I will tell you...
  26. Please sweetheart my mind is not at rest...
  27. It is big.
  28. Thank you chief Princess Felicity.
  29. Not wanting to boast, but I know more than most.
  30. There was picture I carelessly snap last two years ago
  31. Tell me the truth Kenneth: are you a virgin?
  32. Fingers crossed.
  33. Chief princess Felicity (the mayoress of Lagos)
  34. Something really spooky happened...
  35. please i am not trying to make any troble...
  36. What do you think I am? A tart, or something?
  37. I summoned up all my bravado and wrote to him.
  38. I am provoked!
  39. Sharpens his appetite, you might say.
  40. Are you a virtuous woman as I called you?
  41. Yes, I have lost my virginity but I do still have the box it came in.
  42. I am traveling to Paris in France to attend a wedding.
  43. Darling, I will disarrange my plans of traveling to France.
  44. Freddie died this morning.
  45. I am mourning for Freddie here in Nigeria.
  46. Freddie's Death Notice.
  47. 180 Naira, in unmarked bills.
  48. Life in a love.
  49. I am the executor of the estate of the late Miss Felicity Primm.
  50. Easier said than done.
  51. She would appear to have been quite fond of you.
  52. Please kindly picture her corpse and send it to me.
  53. Grief counselling would perhaps be wise.
  54. Adieu my sweetheart.
  55. I did not let him know that she is a harlot.
  56. It is a pity that you missed the ceremony.
  57. Our dream of getting married is chartered.
  58. Her name is Isabella D'Oliveira.
  59. Polite chitchat with Isabella.