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The Prince persists, signing twice.

My Dear felicity,

How are you, hope all is well with you, I love you baby, and I hope you feel the same with me, now tell me darling, what and what do you want me to buy for you as a Christmas gift, just name it.

I love you baby, but imaginations canāt help.

There was a proverb that said (a living dog is better than a dead lion) meaning that you are beautiful, you have all the qualities I need in a woman, but it is all imagination without seeing each other feel each other. Thatās why I said that a living dog is better than a dead lion.

You only focus in email.

To email is good, but the most important is the reality, to meet each other, and do it real. Are you afraid to meet me or are you shy? To meet me Tell me darling, you donāt need to be shy or afraid because love you and care for you.

I love you my girl


Prince Kenneth.

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