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The promised climax heads towards an anticlimax...

An email headed: I'VE HARD ENOUGH OF YOU

dear felicity,

i am tired and week of all this "wag" of yours. if you are not interested for the marriage proposal, then please forget about me. iv'e had enough of you since october 2002.

prince kenneth.

Nine minutes later, a softening:

all i am interest now from you felicity is how we are going to meet each other and live as husband and wife period .

prince kenneth.

Felicity seems puzzled:

So, is that a 'no'?

Kenneth shows signs of tiring:

'no' for what ? look, i am weak and tired of all this nonesence.

if you don't have sometime reasonable to think about, i have a lot to think about.


prince kenneth.

Felicity says 'Goodbye' to Kenneth:

Goodbye Kenneth.



Dreams that do come true can be as unsettling as those that don't.

- Brett Butler

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