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Felicity has a secret....

Dear Kenneth, my love, my Prince!

I am greatly encouraged by your wish to share my New Year's Resolutions for us. I was afraid that you might be coy and prefer not to know.

I have anguished over this for some weeks now, to tell you or not to tell you? How would you react? Would you be happy? Would you run off and never be seen again? It is a big decision and I wanted to be sure that you were willing to participate in my dreams for the future.

Kenneth. I am a witch.

I know that you may doubt this from my photos but, deep down, below the warm, sensuous and welcoming but superficial body, I am a witch. Would it surprise you to know that I am over 549 years old? Hard to believe but I have reached this age by absorbing the life forces from other living creatures.

A cow will give me a year's extra life, a cat nine years, and an elephant is also good, but I forget for how long. I must be careful as I actually lose a year with a politician.

But best of all is the life force of a man, especially a young man. And best of all is the life force from a willing young man, a man willing to die so that I may live, young, nubile and sexually rampant.

The bad news is that you will, to all intents and purposes, die. In truth you will become a zombie. But you will be doing it for me, your beloved Felicity.

The good news is that it will take the form of wild animalistic sex and end when you both simultaneously come and go. Following your bodily fluids into my depths will be all your other spiritual life forces, like water down a drain. From within your brain the world will explode and then collapse down to a small, smouldering point of light in the centre of your screen. You will leave me, not knowing who I or anyone else is and find a position as a junior clerk in a local government landscaping department and end your years not knowing where you are, where you are going or, indeed, how or why you got there. It is, I assure you, a living death.

I could of course my darling have not told you, to have suckered you in and then sucked you out, as I do to all the randy young studs that come to the brothel. But there is so much better return for me if the sacrificial lamb comes willingly to the altar.

You see Kenneth, if we were to marry I would live on, eternally young while you would age and wither, die and blow away. This way you live on, in me, as me.

Will you do it for me, my darling, my lamb?


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