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He's back!

my dear felicity,

i just arrive from Anambra today, it was such an enjoyable holiday.

how do you spend your xmas holiday my love?

prince kenneth.

Felicity makes a resolution:

Kenneth, my love, my prince, light of my life, throb of my loins,

Welcome back! How was your holiday in the fabulous and fortified city of Anambra? Did the people welcome you with days of feasting? Carpets of rose petals? Did the calves tremble with apprehension at your return?

I am sure that it is only your due, as their son, their Prince.

My holiday was most enjoyable, spent peacefully in the company of my family.

I made a New Year's resolution about us, Kenneth. I have thought long and deep about you. And me. And us.

Would you like to know what I resolved?



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