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Kenneth heads off to his Christmas dinner, Felicity receives some cards:

Dear felicity my love,

Please honey I want to travel to Anambra today, to celebrate the xmas holiday with my people.

I am hoping that sometimes you will be traveling with me to Anambra, there you will see things yourself, just as you said earlier-on that one canāt see the kangaroo unless he enter the forest.

I will let you know immediately I come back; definitely I will be back in January.

Until I come back, I miss you my love.

Prince Kenneth

Dear Kenneth,

It is very peaceful here now; I am listening to the Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves, by Verdi. Do you know it? It always makes me cry.

Thank you for your Christmas greetings and I hope that your trip to Amambra was a joyous and peaceful one.


(A week or so later) My Dear Kenneth,

The cards arrived. They are beautiful. You are such a dear.


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