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So, yams are not so important after all!

Kenneth is soothing...

dear felicity, my love,

please forgive me for my delay response, it was due to some circumstances i am tackling, since 17th of december, infact i am not at home i just came back today before i saw your mail, have'nt the package i send to australia get to you reach? concerning about the engagement ring i send to you,

darling you don't need to border yourself how much i bougth the ring, the most important thing are the purpose the ring stands for, the engagement i send it for.

concernin other questions you asked me, i will answer you all my love,

darling i am 100% genuine for my feelings towards you.

darling everything will workout the way you plan it, because i will never let you down.

i like blow jobs my love, it is the most erotic experience in love making.

i promise that i will satisfy you on bed with all the positions you want it.

you always mention about yams, for your information darling, i dont even like to eat yams i eat it occasionally, may be once in eight months, it just that the people of the olden days in 17 century always make a feast that is anually and it was during the period that the yam bring out seedlings, this festival has been existing since 16 centuries till this day the yam festival is just a name of festival.

i feel the same with you my love, i want to settle down with you whom my heart love so much.

darling concerning how you want us to progress our plans of getting married. i want you to tell me how we shoul progress it to you own satisfaction, i will agree with you my evergreen love

prince kenneth

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