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A few days after the arrival of a ring I received an email from the prince, I responded with a bithday greeting:

dear felicity,

how are you, i hope all is well. you are mentioning of the ring i send to you, i send that ring as an engagement ring, because of the love i have for you, i did all this, but you take me for a fool by sending the ring, i never send it as a gift ok, listen felicity, i am telling you this from the deepest of my heart, see i love you more than any other girl, because you are my first love, other girls use to love me, but i don't love them as well, it is a pity that you can't understand my feelings for you since all this years, if you love me as much as i love you, at least you show it, showing it does not mean you have to send money for me, i did not request any money from you, then tell me why are you affraid. i want you to answer that question,tell me why are you so timid? even you are affraid of talking to me in telephone, tell me why are you so affraid, i am human being like you felicity,you are not even thinking of seeing me who have been communicating with you since last year, then tell me what is the meaning of our relationship without meeting face to face?

prince kenneth.

Good morning Kenneth,

I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday.