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I've got to believe that Kenneth is just playing along with me. If you read back over the Felicity correspondence she has died several times, all have failed to quell the ardour of the Prince of Anambra. I have sent him a photo of me, the real me. I have spoken to him on the phone and told him that I am Felicity. Even having various folk email him with 'advice from God' did little to dampen his enthusiasm. He is either extraordinarily thick or is just playing.

Short of ignoring him, it is hard to know how to stop him.

Last addition: January 27th., 2004.

  1. tell me why are you so affraid
  2. Ohâ how I long to see you my love
  3. a living dog is better than a dead lion
  4. or are you sick?
  5. is anything the matter?
  6. how are you my girl?
  7. you are the biggest fool i ever meet before
  8. Why do you want a Spaniel?
  9. i post a christmas present for you today
  10. remodel by prince kenneth of Anambra, Nigeria
  11. Where do you see it going?
  12. i dont even like to eat yams
  13. Until I come back, I miss you my love.
  14. Did the calves tremble with apprehension at your return?
  15. New year resolution?
  16. It is, I assure you, a living death.
  17. So, is that a 'no'?