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More inconsequential stuff:

Dear Daniel,
I got your mail and the attachment.It will best if you that direct to the security company.You can send it through their email as the fax is not responding.

Things are moving along. the sting should appear soon...

Dear Daniel,
Top of the day to you. (He's learning Irish!) Hope that this mail meets you well.I just want to let you know that things are moving on fine here and the approval of this payment is being worked out and i believe that we might be able to secure it early next week.I am following it up with my contacts and it is now awaiting the signature of the Ministry of Justice who will confirm the authenciticy of the claims before the final approval for the transfer is given.
I will keep yo informed about the developments but all things being equal,by next week ,we shall be able to have the approval. Were you able to email the letter to the security company.Try and give me a call.

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