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This guy is not too well versed in the concept of brevity.

Dear Daniel,
How are you today? hope that you are fine. Thanks for your mail which I received in response to my letter. Infact I must let you know that I am happy for the quick response you gave this issue and also your acceptance of doing this transaction with me and I will like you to keep it up till we finish this deal.

One thing that I will assure you is that I will not disappoint you as far as this matter is concerned and also i want to assure you that you are not runing any risk as far as this deal is concerned and on this note i solicit your full co-operation and assistance for us to finalize this issue within a short time. Let us come together and build a mutual trust between us and together we can achieve our aims.

For us to commence the process of moving this funds out ,you have to email as a matter of urgency the required informations I informed you in my first letter. The information are:your full name and address, your fax number and telephone number as well as your banking details where this funds will be transfered to after the approval is granted..

As soon as I get them, I will use it to formailze the documents needed to be forwarded to the security company for the process of moving this money out. I am going to tell you what you are going to write from there and fax it direct to the security company after I receive those informations. As soon as all these things are packaged to the security company, they will start the process of moving transfering this money to your account by vetting and verification of the claims documents after which approval will be given before the final transfer to your account.

Please, I want you to re-assure me that you are fully with me in this matter. I am waiting your urgent mail with the informations so that we can proceed immediately. I believe that i have taken time to explain the details of this deal to you the way and manner that you will understand and we can only achieve it if we put in our best.You have nothing to fear as far as this matter is concerned.

Remember to keep absolute confidentiality of this matter.



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