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Dan is wondering what is happening and lets Dr Smith know what is happening:

Good afternoon to you, Dr Smith!

You obviously are having a wee bit of trouble at your end, as things have been mighty quiet for a while now.

As luck would have it I won a cruise on a luxury liner and will be away in tropical waters for a couple of weeks. It was the prize when Premium Silage Rollmeover Princess Sweatithighs won her race at Milan a while back. The best prize I ever won!

Anyway, I will be leaving this Friday and will not be back at the farm until the first day of July.

I be hoping that you can be sorting out all this transfer stuff by the time I return.

Please be advising me if this is to your agreement.

Yours sincerely,

Dan O'Flannigan,

PS: I be hoping Mr Williams is over his bout of malaria. Please be giving him me best wishes.

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