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Dan gets a chance to use an old joke:

A top of the evening to you, Mr Williams!

I am trusting that you are feeling better after your brush with the mosquito. There'd be not a word of a lie if I were to tell you that most of the things that upset me can all be traced back to low-life with small pricks.

I am mighty pleased to be hearing that you are on the mend.

Me prize shamrock, Princess Lush Bovine Fodder, won a 'Best at the Fair' award the other day, and I am being a mighty proud man, I be telling you Mr Williams, mighty proud, to be sure. There was none of this 'here take your sash and get off the stage'. It was a proper ceremony like and they presented me with a truly grand present. It was large bread knife, really big like, you know. Apparently you can cut four loaves at once, and it was engrave with the words "Four Loaf Cleaver". T'is a grand thing to behold.

Anyways, you'll no want to be hearing too much of my doings.

I'll be waiting for your information on the transfer.

Yours proudly,


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