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Things have been quiet. Dan passes on some news.

A top of the evening to you Mr Williams!

And how am I being, do you ask? I be cock-a-hoop to be telling you the truth, cock-a-hoop.

Me prize shamrock, Cloverleaf Colicky Cowfodder VI, won best in her class at the Milan Eisteddfod and her son, Nitrogenous Feedstock, won the prestigious Grosso Canneloni Hurdle against a quite impressive field.

It be a mighty fine thing to be having new ribbons for me wall!

Now be telling me, Mr Williams, how have you been doing then? Is this project moving forward, or for that matter is it moving at all?

Yours most happily,


POSTSCRIPT: This email 'bounced' so it may be the end of this story.

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