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The following email came addressed to Don Quixote. This is rather odd, though I had tried using this identity when responding to an earlier fax but had got not reply. Someone has picked up on it!

Dear Don Quixote,

I got to know of you in my search for a reputable person/Company to assist in an urgent business deal requiring utmost trust and confidentiality. I am BARR. NELSON KALU, an Attorney and close confidant of MRS. MARYAM ABACHA, the former first lady and wife of the late GEN. SANI ABACHA, the former head of state and commander in chief of the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

She (MRS. M. ABACHA), (Who else would she be?) has as a result of the trust and confidence she has on me, she has mandated that I search for a reliable and trustworthy foreign partner who will help receive some funds which she had in cash totaling US$50.5m (fifty million and five hundred United States Dollars only) contained a three trunk boxes for safe keeping for a short period of time. She needed the assistance since her family bank accounts within and outside the country (Nigeria) have the authorities of the Nigerian government frozen all. (I would refer you to the web site of TELL WEEKLY MAGAZINE: of November 23,1998 page 25, for further information about this monies and the ABACHAS.) (And if it is on the internet it must be true, eh? Sadly the link doesn't work.)

This money in question has however, been clearly moved in defaced form (And let me guess, will I have to pay for it to be cleaned?) to a close by country and Deposited with a security/financial company that has branches confidentially in Africa, Europe and America. It may also interest you to note that she (MRS. ABACHA) and her family have since the inception of the present democratic government, were placed under partial house arrest, with their international travelerÔs documents (passports) withdrawn and seized. From all indications the problem will be sorted out by the present government of President Olusegun Obasanjo and will not exceed this year.

She has decided to offer anybody who will be willing to render this tremendous assistance, 20% of the total sum, this is negotiable if you are interested. Note that this transaction involves no risks of whatsoever, as you will have no dealings or contact with my government of Nigeria. Rather, you will deal directly with the Security Company where the money is deposited, which is the base of the money right now.

If you are interested, reply me urgently and let me have your confidential Tel/Fax Numbers in your response to this proposal. I shall let you into a complete picture of this mutual beneficial transaction when I have received your anticipated positive response on the above E-mail address. This matter should be treated as urgent and confidential. Best regards.


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