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Where Don Quixote, a country gentleman, no longer young, sets off on a quest with a Nigerian correspondent.

Finished. Last addition: November 30th., 2002.
  1. I got to know of you in my search for a reputable person.
  2. I am a country gentleman, no longer young.
  3. The Republic of Benin.
  4. Sancho Panza and my Lady Dulcinea.
  5. I am not saying that I don't trust you.
  6. Living on the accumulated wealth of a virtuous and frugal life.
  7. You don't need to bother yourself about visa.
  8. How are you doing Big Brother?
  9. Now I must go and prepare the horses for the trip.
  10. I will liaise with the director of the security company.
  11. The content was declared as gold dust consignment.
  12. Am I being unreasonable?
  13. Finally, there are some charges...
  14. Your offer of provision of a horse is most kind.
  15. The Sheraton hotel should have a stable for the horse.
  16. Have no fear, I will bring the requisite funds.
  17. ...a good quality wrist watch for me and my lovely wife.
  18. I owe all my looks to Dr Polly Urethane, a plastic surgeon...
  19. Whenever I read your mail it tranquilizes my mind.
  20. 38-24-33.
  21. Feeling very wick and tired.
  22. It is most irregular, most irregular indeed.
  23. They say that they require $75,500.
  24. We leave from here in a little over two hours time.
  25. I cannot afford to stay in such a hot zone.
  26. I hope this does not cause unnecessary anguish.
  27. Looking forward to meeting you in Cotonou tomorrow.
  28. I am already in Cotonou frustrated.
  29. Where are you now?
  30. I can tell you he is well and in good spirits.
  31. Now that I have heard from you, my mind is now relaxed.
  32. My rates are $200 per hour or $1,000 per day.
  33. The horse has been tied down since last Monday.
  34. To dream the impossible dream.
  35. One day I will do same thing.
  36. Show fortitude dear Nelson, the end is near!
  37. I look forward to meet you tomorrow in Cotonou.
  38. The camels were incredibly cheap...
  39. Hope you will not disappoint me again this time.
  40. I am now begining to see a sign of unseriousness on your side.
  41. Melancholy news.
  42. Where the hell is the news paper article you attached?
  43. The return of his ant-gnawed remains.
  44. So, what is Nelson to do, dear reader?
  45. I ...luckily or unfortunately got Mr. Don Quixote
  46. I need a sign of good faith from your client.
  47. May Mr. Don Quixote rest in perfect peace and in the Lord, Amen.
  48. So, I am not surprised by your decision.
  49. I could not get our fax machines to agree to talk.
  50. Things are getting out of control now.
  51. It is, I feel, a quite modest request.
  52. Think about this matter and come to the rescue of this widow.
  53. It would not require Mrs Abacha to mortgage the family silver.