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This one is not going to fly.

The Rev decides the end has come. (Or so I thought)

Please stop further contact with me, I am not interested in your business. I can't understand you.

Rev. Dr. Coker

A parting shot and most probably the last one.

Dear Rev Dr Coker,

I do not understand you.

Does this mean that you cannot help me or you will not help me?

And you a holy man of the cloth as well! I am shocked.

It is a most disturbing stance you are taking. Please remember that I contacted you only because Mrs Amadi faxed me and urged me to do so. I have tried repeatedly to fax her letter to the number that you gave me but it is not a valid fax number.

I was relying heavily on the money PROMISED to me to fund a research project to develop a pair of bright blue bullet proof long-johns.

I must reassess my financial situation in view of your most lamentably intransient stand.

I suppose that your God, Mammon, in guiding you in this manner will also eventually judge you as a snivelling little shit and reintroduce the long dormant habits of smoting and bedevilling.

Yours in disappointment,

Clarke Kent
Man of Steel Enterprises.

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