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And the contract info from Mrs Amadi's fax don't work either. Most odd.

Dear Mr. Kent,

I can not understand why you are unable provide vital info relating to your concerned claim. Please send me by fax some documents issued to you by the Federal Government of Nigeria concerning the payment. I shall the proceed with this matter. Fax 234 1 7593930.

I am waiting to hear from you urgently. Again, do not forget to send me the quotation of your products.

Best regards,

Rev. Dr. Coker

Clarke makes noises about giving up on the deal...

Dear Rev. Dr Coker,

I think my cause is lost.

A considerable time has passed since the original correspondence regarding the contract with the Nigerian Government. So much so that I have discarded or misplaced much of the paperwork. I must confess to having given the transaction up as lost.

I was therefore greatly surprised by the unexpected fax from Mrs Amadi.

But if I do not have the requisite paperwork I must give up on the whole venture and chalk it up to experience, albeit an expensive one.

If it helps, I will fax you Mrs Amadi's letter.

Please give me your advice.

The brochure has been put back a week while we trial a new design that is guaranteed not to slip down around the ankles while travelling as fast as a speeding bullet. I will let you know how it progresses.

By the way: why does your email come from Engineer Franklin Ikeh?

Kind regards.

Clarke Kent
Man of Steel Enterprises.

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