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This is new. Clarke's contract details don't match those in the computer. Funny, all the ones I've made up in the past have been spot on.

Dear Mr. Kent,

Sorry the info you forwarded did not tally with the info we have in the computer. So we are still in doubt.

We simply refer you back to Mrs. Uju Amadi from Ministry of Justice. Again, we kindly request you to send to us by fax some approval document relating to the info you sent for an ample proof. Our fax number is 234 1 7593930.

Concerning the products that you proposed, we shall wait to receive the brochures.

Thanks for your good understanding to this matter.


Dear Rev Dr Coker,

I am at a loss as to what to send you.

The only other reference number I have is FMJ/CIC/OSEC/02

Does this help?

Clarke Kent,
Man of Steele Enterprises.

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