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Clarke is attempting to make a better pair of underpants:

My Dear Rev Dr.Coker,

Thank you for your speedy response.

I have been away at some trials. We are endeavouring to improve the underwear so that they remain untattered when one crashes through a brick wall. This follows from a most embarrassing situation when rescuing Lois at the Our Sisters of the Merciful Dildo convent last Tuesday.

I will forward some brochures to you as soon as they are printed.

The details you require are:

Contract: FGN-NHA/FDMC/XXI/02
Amount: US$25,000,000 (Whoops! Different amount to previous letter. Will he notice?)
Bank: Kryptonite Vault Bank
BSB: 969-032
Account No: 97780-3422

Please have no concerns about your scepticism in this matter. I find it a very healthy trait to have in a world full of conmen, thieves and politicians. But I repeat my self.

Considering the issues involved I welcome all the scepticism and questioning that you feel necessary.

Yours sincerely,

Clarke Kent,
Man of Steel Enterprises

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