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Clarke is confused:

Dear Rev. Dr. Coker,

I am a bit confused as to why you know nothing of the monies owed to me by the Nigerian Government relating to the transaction described to me by the now sadly quiet Dr Dabooks. (Who?) He had said he worked for the same bank as you; although it may have been in a different department.

Mrs Amadi said, or implied at least, that you could assist me in bringing this transaction to closure. I paid a lot of money to Dr Dabooks to cover a lot of fees and taxes that he said had fallen due but I got nothing in return and I am anxious to recover the original promised settlement amount of 20% of US$35,000,000.

I do a number of things to try to make ends meet; one of which is the merchandising or a fairly idiosyncratic range of red underwear. Do you think there may be a market for it in Nigeria? Do you know anyone who might be interested in taking up a franchise?

My fax number is 613-9326 5378.

My phone number is xxxx but I am difficult to catch as I am on the road a lot and do most of my correspondence by email.

Please tell me if you can help. I would appreciate it if the settlement of my contract could be pushed to the front of the queue.

Yours sincerely,

Clarke Kent,
Man of Steel Enterprises.

The Reverend Doctor thinks there may be a market for the new range of red underwear.

Dear Mr. Kent,
I really knows about contractors who are suppose to receive owed contract payment through my depatment. But you must let me have your contract payment details eg, Contract Number and amount, Approved Receiving Bank information. These info will enable me to check in our computerised system and know axactly if yours is included and approved for payment in this last batch of payment. I am sorry but I must be sceptical to reveal such sensitive and private matters to non beneficiaries.
I am in a very good position to assist you if only you are trustworthy and sincere to this matter. Concerning your enquiry about your product, I think it will be lucrative here in Nigeria so far you make the prices affordable. So send to me more information about those products and modalities.
God bless you.
Looking forward to your urgent reply.
Best regards,
Rev. Dr. Coker

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