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Well, I promised Clarke would return. It came in the form of a fax from a Mrs Uju Amadi, secretary of the Contract Investigation Committee, Federal Ministry of Justice, and requested that I contact the Rev. Dr Chijioke Coker, the new director of the Wire Transfer Depaertment of the Central Bank of Nigeria. So I did:

My Dear Rev Dr Coker,

I have just returned from a business trip and found a fax from Mrs Uju Amadi suggesting that I contact you about a transaction that I was involved in earlier in the year.

Before I go to all the bother of providing the information that Mrs Amadi suggests I would like some confirmation that you will be able to assist me in this matter.

Yours faithfully,

Clarke Kent,

Man of Steel Enterprises.

The Reverend Doctor plays it a bit coy. Interestingly enough, while the email is signed Rev. Dr. Coker it actually lists the sender as 'Engr. Frankin Ikeh".

Dear Clarke Kent,

What kind of assistance do you really expected from me, Please specify. I may be willing to help. Again let have your phone and fax numbers.

Yours sincerely,

Rev. Dr. Coker

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