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A second attempt: Where Clarke Kent, mild mannered reporter, schizophrenic, underwear salesman and closet extrovert, has a correspondence with a Nigerian...

Last addition: December 7th., 2002.

  1. What kind of assistance do you really expected from me?
  2. A fairly idiosyncratic range of red underwear.
  3. Please have no concerns about your scepticism in this matter.
  4. Sorry the info you forwarded did not tally with the info we have in the computer.
  5. I think my cause is lost.
  6. The long dormant habits of smoting and bedevilling.
  7. I am a man of God who have evil.
  8. Much of the stuff I threw in the bin.
  9. Is this all a joke?
  10. You now have everything I have.
  11. A resurrection! More Rip van Winkle than biblical.
  12. Three weeks later...a glacier passes by.
  13. It is like looking at someone wrapped in cling film.