J Cosmo Newbery

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J Cosmo decides to see if Dr Blore will work for his money and sets a few conditions.

Dear Dr Blore,

Thank you for your most prompt response. I can see that doing business with you will be a very smooth and mutually beneficial process. (I think am going to be sick...)

A few points:

My client has increased the order to 600 cartons.

1. Does this present production problems for you?

2. It does present some cash-flow problems for me and I will be asking him to split the order into two separate orders. Are you willing to accommodate this? (Major cash flow problems - not messing around here - the first payment is $600,000 US. I wonder if he will take VISA?)

3. I will require a certificate of analysis from a suitably ILAC accredited laboratory (Minimum standards to ISO 17025).

4. I have been informed that all goods going into Ghana, where my client is, must be accompanied by a invoice in pound sterling. Could you please arrange this.

5. As you are a major player in the provision of this vaccine you will no doubt be able to guess who my client is. I will require a warranty, duly witnessed by a public notary, that you will not approach my client directly.

6. Finally, and of most interest to me, I have considerable acreage here in Australia where I run a number of flocks. The most lucrative is the pedigree Canteloupe, much treasured by restaurants but prone to get hoof-rot during the shearing season. Do you have a vaccine that would assist with this matter?

Yours sincerely,

J. Cosmo Newbery.

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